Chael Sonnen has yet to even make his first UFC appearance at light heavyweight, but that hasn’t stopped him from calling out UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Last week, Sonnen made it official that he was entering the 205-pound picture and facing former champion Forrest Griffin in December.

On the most recent edition of UFC Tonight, Sonnen continued to verbally harass Jones, who is preparing to face Dan Henderson for the title on September 1 at UFC 151.

Look, I will never fight Jones. He will never fight me. He is surrounded by a bunch of yes men. Is Chael better than me? They say yes. Will Chael beat me? They say yes. Will Chael take my title? They say yes. I don’t need to beat up Jon Jones, I just want to.

Sonnen’s words sound very similar to those that he threw out at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva prior to a second round TKO defeat at the hands of “The Spider.”

Sonnen and Henderson have shared many training gyms, so it is no wonder that Sonnen believes “Hendo” will dethrone Jones when they meet. Jones has been asked many times if he is not focusing on Henderson enough due to the issues with Sonnen, but the champion has constantly said the challenger has his attention.

I didn’t understand the whole thing. He has to focus to beat Dan Henderson, which he won’t do. I don’t think he should be focusing on me, he should be focusing on Dan Henderson’s right-hand. He says that I provided him with motivation, but Jones, isn’t that your coaches job? I mean, do you want me to give you the number to the bat phone and you can just call me and pay me 10-percent for my rhetorical skills? The only thing we need to know about Jones is which hospital we need to send the flowers to.

Photo credit: CombatLifestyle