UFC president Dana White and Dan Henderson has some issues prior to Henderson leaving the company and signing with Strikeforce.

All of that is well in the past, now, as Henderson prepares to take on Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 151.

During a recent media conference call – and before his line was disconnected – White was asked if Henderson would be a future member of the elusive UFC Hall of Fame, or if he was dependent upon his defeating Jones for the belt.

Whether Dan Henderson wins or loses, he’s a UFC hall of famer. Dan Henderson is a three-time world champion, he’s a great wrestler, has knockout power and has fought everyone from 170 pounds all the way to heavyweight. He continues to impress no matter how old he gets.

Henderson appeared on the brink of a rematch with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva after defeating Michael Bisping, the he was not given the title fight he desired. So, instead, “Hendo” signed with Strikeforce.

After securing the light heavyweight title in Strikeforce, Henderson took on former heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko and earned a TKO victory. He rejoined the ranks of the UFC soon after.

For Henderson, this opportunity is one that he has been pushing for since his return.

I am excited about the fight. It’s a fight I’ve been waiting for, working towards. One of the final goals I have is to get that UFC belt. I am excited about this opportunity.

Photo credit: Showtime