UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones decided it was time to finally talk late Thursday night.

After hearing everyone else offer up their take on why he didn’t accept a fight with Chael Sonnen on short notice, Jones explained his reasoning in an interview with MMAjunkie.com.

Dan Henderson got hurt, and the fight was canceled. I signed a contract a long time ago to fight Dan Henderson. That’s what I studied for, and that’s what I prepared myself for. To take a fight with a different opponent in which I would basically have three days of training before traveling and then starting to cut weight, I just thought would be the dumbest idea ever. I wouldn’t have been properly prepared.

The UFC asked Sonnen to replace Dan Henderson and meet Jones at UFC 151. After Jones declined the bout, UFC officials axed the card completely, causing several of the prelim fighters to grow concerned over when they would compete next.

The majority of the scheduled matches for UFC 151 have since been rescheduled, but Jones still offered up an apology to those hurt by the decision.

I definitely apologize to the other fighters on the card. I feel terrible, but it also wasn’t my decision to cancel the whole card. I don’t make those decisions.

Jones will have a few more weeks to prepare for his next fight, as he has signed to face Lyoto Machida a second time on September 22 at UFC 152.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports