What seemed to bother UFC president Dana White the most in regards to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones turning down a late-minute replacement fight with Chael Sonnen was the reason behind it.

Jones, after discussing the matter with his team, said that they didn’t have enough time to prepare properly for Sonnen.

White, in an interview with ESPN, feels as if Sonnen and Jones’ original opponent, Dan Henderson, are very similar. So, the training Jones put in for “Hendo” should have carried right over for Sonnen, right?

Other than (Sonnen) being a southpaw, they’re the exact same guy. They come out of the same camp and they’ve been training together their entire career. The difference is Chael Sonnen is a wrestler, he doesn’t hit as hard as Dan Henderson does. The only thing that is changing is his stance, he’s a southpaw. Other than that, he doesn’t even hit as hard as Dan Henderson; he’s a 185-pounder.

It seemed like White grew more and more upset again during the interview with having to cancel the event completely.