Chael Sonnen sees Vitor Belfort and believes that “The Phenom” will not show up to UFC 152 and meet UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

If that happens, Sonnen is prepared to step in and take on “Bones.”

Sonnen, during a recent appearance on ESPN Radio, discussed why he believes Belfort will not show up to Toronto on September 22 to face one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

“I’ve got an agreement to fight a gentleman named Forrest Griffin on December 29, but I don’t know. Jon Jones has a date on September 22 and right now, he’s fighting Vitor Belfort. Vitor never shows up. Vitor has pulled out of way more fights than he has ever shown up for, so if I had to guess, you’ll be seeing me fight Jon Jones on September 22.”

Sonnen offered to face Jones September 1, but “Bones” cited not enough time to prepare for Sonnen and declined the fight. Sonnen feels like Jones missed an opportunity by not facing him at UFC 151.

“I hear what their side said and it was just mind-boggling for me because it has never happened. He was within his rights to do it. That’s just simply never happened, especially when you’re the champion. This whole short notice routine, that doesn’t apply to a guy that is coming off a 10-week training camp. The short notice routine is for the guy that was sitting at home, or had no idea there was a fight coming up.”

Sonnen and Griffin are expected to meet at UFC 155.