Joseph Benavidez wants nothing more than to become the UFC flyweight champion.

Benavidez will get that chance when he takes on Demetrious Johnson at UFC 152.

As far as Benavidez is concerned, he will make a statement in earning the title and taking out “Mighty Mouse.”

“I’d love to test his chin out,” said Benavidez, in a recent interview with “The goal is to hurt him with every punch I throw. I’m going to be going the whole time and when you put pressure on him, that’s when he seems to break. Thankfully, that’s what I’m good at.”

Benavidez advanced to the finals of the four-person tournament by defeating Yasuhiro Urushitani earlier this year. He was forced to wait a little while longer to compete for the belt due to the scoring issues in the original Johnson-Ian McCall fight.

“I love the fact that I’m getting to fight Demetrious Johnson,” Benavidez said. “We’re the two best guys in the world. I’ve always been impressed with him as a fighter and looked at him as an awesome fight.”

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