If you are a DirecTV customer and enjoy the UFC, the cable satellite service has an offer for you.

DirecTV is bundling the next six UFC pay-per-view events, starting with UFC 152 later this month, into a package deal. By making two monthly payments of $137.50, you receive the sixth PPV free.

That sixth card is likely to be the annual Super Bowl weekend event the UFC puts on in February. By securing the deal, which is non-refundable, cannot be canceled or transferred, you will get the remaining PPVs for 2012 and the first two of 2013 – according to plans.

It’s possible that this is a trial run of sorts to see if there is wide-spread interest in making yearly packages for PPVs available to consumers.

There were also issues with fans attempting to order a UFC card in August, as service would not allow for the PPV to be purchased.