Alan Belcher has competed just three times over the past three years.

Belcher, who recently announced that he has a fractured spine, was willing to go ahead with a planned fight vs. Vitor Belfort just to remain active and in the spotlight.

Belfort, however, pulled out of the contest after being offered a shot at Jon Jones and the UFC light heavyweight title. Belcher (18-6) talked on The MMA Hour why he was willing to fight injured.

If I want to be the champ, I gotta be a little bit more active and fight more than once a year. That’s why I was being a little bit more impatient. I wanted to fight no matter what. But you know, sometimes no matter how bad you want it, it just isn’t working out for you.

Belcher has posted a strong 9-4 record since debuting with the UFC in 2006. He is currently on a four-fight win streak.

If I can get back healthy, I’m just gonna put my time in. My patience has definitely been tested the past few years. I’m still a young man; I’m still getting better every day.

Belcher has mentioned a possible bout with Chris Weidman upon his return. He pointed to November for a potential next fight.