UFC president Dana White says that the promotion is making sure all the fighters who were unable to compete at the canceled UFC 151 event are receiving financial help if they need it.

“Some of the guys are booked to fight right away,” said White, during an interview on UFC Tonight, “and the guys who are booked later are getting compensated.”

White and the promotion made the decision to cancel the entire card late in August, marking the first time that has been done since they took over control.

“We spent $2 million in advertising for (UFC) 151. It’s a business and I have to deal with it,” White said. “I’m proud to say this is the first time we’ve ever had to cancel an event. We’ve always been able to scramble and put it back together good enough to make fans happy.”

White added there was “no way in hell” they wanted to call off the entire event, but said he has no regrets in doing so.