Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will face a hostile crowd when he enters the Octagon in October.

Edgar, who will be debuting in the 145-pound division, will face UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at UFC 153.

After failing to secure the belt from Benson Henderson, Edgar (14-3-1) announced that he would drop down. When Erik Koch was knocked out of a planned fight with Aldo, Edgar stepped in and claimed the title shot.

“Opportunities like this don’t come around too often,” said Edgar, in a recent interview on The MMA Hour. “So you can’t let them slip (away). I’m expecting to see the best Jose Aldo. He’s in his hometown. Last time he fought (in Brazil), he was pretty dominant so I’m not expecting anything but the best from him.”

Aldo (21-1) defended his title this past January with a first round knockout victory over Chad Mendes. He was forced to postpone his first scheduled date with Koch due to a minor injury.

Edgar, despite knowing that he will likely hear plenty of booing when he walks out on October 13, is hoping to turn some Brazilians into fans by the time the fight ends.

“I’m not fearful for my life or anything like that,” Edgar said. “They’re some passionate people and Jose Aldo is their guy. So we’ll see what I can do in the fight to have some people cheering my name by the end of it.”

Photo credit: MMAFighting