Erik Koch started a bad trend for UFC 153.

Koch injured his knee several weeks ago and was forced out of the planned main event for the October card.

In his place stepped Frankie Edgar to face UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. However, Aldo was knocked out of the bout on Tuesday with an injury of his own.

Koch, who hasn’t fought since 2011 due to injuries by himself and his scheduled opponents, explained what happened to cause his partial MCL tear to Fight Medicine recently.

I was training back in my hometown, Cedar Rapids (Iowa). I was there for a family reunion. I decided to get a little extra training in. We had a really hot, sweaty practice and I was grappling on a wrestling mat. I was trying to pass someone’s guard and my toes got caught on the wrestling mat and my knee ended up going in an awkward way.

Koch (13-1) heard a pop from his knee and swelling started to form, sending him to the emergency room. He was told that he would need four weeks of rehab before being cleared to return to training full-time.

Photo credit: CombatLifestyle