UFC Tonight analyst Kenny Florian knows what it’s like to be the underdog heading into title matches.

Florian offered up his take on this coming Saturday night’s Jon Jones-Vitor Belfort fight at UFC 152 for the UFC light heavyweight title recently.

Without a doubt, (Belfort) has a chance. They call him ‘The Phenom’ for a reason. This is the kind of guy who really could match Jon Jones from the talent department and that is really something we probably haven’t seen before. Anytime you get that kind of talent and athleticism that Belfort (has), he can beat anyone in the world. And if he is on at UFC 152, that is a scary fight.

Many have questioned Belfort’s selection to face Jones, but he is a former UFC champion.

What kind of odds do you give Belfort? Good, bad, or not a chance?