Chael Sonnen has defeated both Michael Bisping and Brian Stann.

So, who better to discuss the upcoming Bisping-Stann bout than Sonnen, who never fails to say whatever he wants.

The two middleweights will meet this Saturday night at UFC 152 on pay-per-view.

I love the fight. Stann is not afraid to get hit and Bisping will certainly hit him. Bisping is very hard to land on and he’s very wiry, so I expect Mike to have some success early. Neither guy is going to have to worry about a fast pace, because they are always in shape and they both are going to go after it.

Sonnen is the last fighter to defeat both Bisping and Stann. He toppled “The Count” earlier this year, and defeated “The All-American” late in 2011.

I come back to this: Stann is a plant-your-feet and throw bombs kinda guy. And I think 15 minutes is a long time for Bisping to avoid those bombs. I’m not one of those guys who is going to say, ‘Bisping should win – but IF Stann lands, it is over.’ I am the guy saying, ‘Stann WILL land a bomb and he will win this fight by KO.’ He will find the shot 100-percent.