Chris Weidman didn’t take news of Anderson Silva-Stephan Bonnar becoming the new UFC 153 main event with much excitement.

That’s because Weidman wanted to be the next fighter to meet Silva, and he was prepared to do anything to make that happen.

Instead, Silva will head to light heavyweight to meet Bonnar, while Weidman rehabs from elbow surgery before facing Tim Boetsch in December.

“I was a little shocked, confused, disappointed,” said Weidman, in news of Silva-Bonnar becoming official, during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight. “I had actually just ended up getting elbow surgery about a week ago and the same week I find out Anderson Silva is now fighting Stephan Bonnar. It’s tough.”

Weidman had been told that Silva wanted to take the remainder of 2012 off. “The Spider” volunteered to fight at UFC 151 to keep the card on schedule, and is taking this bout with Bonnar to fill the main event void.

While that is all nice and good for the UFC, Weidman feels as though Silva – or at least his management team – wants nothing to do with him inside the Octagon.

“On paper, I’m a bad match up for him,” Weidman said, “but I think Anderson would like a challenge. I think his managers more than him are trying to keep him away.”