UFC president Dana White was interviewed by UFC Tonight recently, and provided his take on a number of topics.

White, who has never been one to not speak his mind, discussed the UFC-Fox deal, The Ultimate Fighter, his legacy, and other subjects during the segment.

Below are some of the more interesting answers White provided:

White on one the biggest fan complaint with the FOX deal:

One of the biggest complaints I got when we started this FOX deal was the NFL music. They all call it the FOX NFL music. It’s not the NFL music; it’s the FOX Sports music. So if you watch any sporting event on FOX, that’s the music they play. I like being on Fox Sports.

White on if this is a crossroads season for The Ultimate Fighter:

No, it’s not a make or break year. There are some things that we all did wrong. And we need to fix them. It’s all part of running a business. The thing about us is we’re not afraid of taking risks. If we were, we wouldn’t be sitting here right now. This whole business has been a risk since day one.

White on if he’s still amped on his job:

I better be. My traveling schedule isn’t slowing down. I’m in meetings for days. What people don’t understand about this business and they don’t understand when you get into it is because it looks fun, easy and anyone could do it. But it’s the opposite. It’s the hardest business in the world to make really successful. It’s a lot of hard work. I always say it’s like having a tiny little baby that you have to feed and change the diapers. This baby can’t live without you paying attention with it. That’s what it’s like except the UFC doesn’t sleep. It’s a beast.

White on his biggest achievement:

The FOX deal, without a doubt. There are so many things we’ve accomplished over the years, but the FOX deal is definitely the biggest.