The bitter pill of defeat was hard to swallow for Travis Browne.

Now, “Hapa” will also have to undergo some likely time off, as Browne suffered an injury in his loss to Antonio Silva Friday night at UFC on FX 5.

Browne, who had been unbeaten in 14 career fights, was dropped by a nasty shot from Silva in the first round. He admitted during the post-fight press conference that he likely injured his hamstring while throwing a spinning kick in the fight.

I think it was like the first kick I threw. My left hamstring popped like three times.

Browne, though, took nothing away from the offensive attack that “Bigfoot” unleashed, saying, “‘Bigfoot’ came out, he won the fight. He came out, kept all eyes on something he saw and won the fight.”

For Browne, the taste of defeat was sour, but the Hawaiian says it will only push him to get back – even better than before.

I’m gonna come back even more pissed off and harder this time. I (expletive) hate losing.