You have to wonder what FX officials would say if the UFC offered them Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter? The likely response would be a resounding, “Yes,” and maybe that will happen in the future.

One coaching rivalry that will not be discussed, though, is Jones vs. Daniel Cormier.

“Bones,” the UFC’s current light heavyweight champion, recently told ESPN that he had no interest in coaching opposite Cormier on the show.

I’d be interested in a TUF season in the future, but it’d take the right opponent. As far as Daniel Cormier saying he wants to coach against me; he would want that, wouldn’t he? He’s relatively unknown. I want to do it when the fans are aware of both guys and when it’s spunky and when it raises a lot of viewers. I’m no here to raise his stock.

The prospect of placing Sonnen on a weekly show would likely generate a huge ratings improvement for TUF, which has seen its numbers fall since moving to Fridays on FX. Placing Jones on there as well would not hurt the ratings one bit.

With Jones currently no lined up to face anybody – and possibly looking at time off to heal his arm after defeating Vitor Belfort – and Sonnen meeting Forrest Griffin late in 2012, the time frame could work for these two to showcase their “coaching” abilities on TUF in early 2013.