Chael Sonnen is the only fighter in UFC history to truly threaten Anderson Silva’s hold on the middleweight division.

Now, Sonnen will attempt to halt Jon Jones’ run at light heavyweight before it can move forward.

Sonnen and Jones were recently selected as coaches for The Ultimate Fighter. The two will square off in early 2013, despite Sonnen having yet to compete at 205 pounds inside the Octagon.

The decision was made after Sonnen agreed to meet Jones on short notice to save a card. From there, others turned down a match with Jones, leaving only one man standing, willing to accept the bout.

“Let’s be clear, nobody has said Chael doesn’t deserve anything,” said Sonnen, during a conference call to hype TUF. “Welcome to life. You don’t deserve things, you get what you get. Not one of those fighters said I’ll fight Chael. Not one of them said let me fight that guy, not one of them. I’ve called every one of them bastards out. I have no problem accepting a tune-up fight and slapping any one of them around.”

Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida were two fighters who questioned the decision made by the UFC to place Sonnen in such an important role following a loss to Silva.

They don’t want to fight me. They don’t want to fight Jon Jones. I was the only fighter to call Jones out. Nobody calls me out.

Sonnen used his trash-talking skills to help push the bout with Silva to record numbers in terms of pay-per-view draws. He’s expected to do the same with Jones on TUF, which has struggled since debuting on FX earlier this year.

“At the end of it all, good for me,” Sonnen added. “And chalk one more up for the bad guy.”