UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen will usher in a new Ultimate Fighter in 2013.

FX executive Chuck Saftler announced during a conference call to promote the 17th season of TUF on Wednesday that the show will shift off Fridays beginning in 2013.

I can’t confirm the day right now (that it will air on), but it’s moving off of Friday.

Currently, TUF has drawn low ratings since beginning on FX on Fridays earlier this year. The inclusion of Jones and Sonnen – two of the highest-grossing PPV fighters in company history – should help turn that trend around, along with a shift to a new weekday.

During its run on Spike TV, TUF aired on Wednesday nights. Saftler had a few choice words for Spike TV, which has countered FX programming with replays of the UFC throughout 2012.

Spike should watch their ass. I’m not ready to commit to (going head-to-head with Bellator) but we’re certainly going to be watching how they schedule, what they schedule and where they schedule.

TUF 17 will begin filming later this month and air in January. No official date has been announced for the start.