Miesha Tate is signed to a Strikeforce contract, but that doesn’t mean she likes to see other promotions fail to properly promote her fellow female fighters.

Zoila Gurgel, the reigning Bellator women’s champion, will not be defending her title this Friday at Bellator 78, but is also not competing on the MTV2-televised main card. Instead, Gurgel is battling Casey Noland on the under card, and this upsets Tate greatly.

Tate has been expressing her frustration with Bellator and CEO Bjorn Rebney on Twitter over the weekend.

“I cannot believe you would allow your champion to be placed on the UN televised undercard in her hometown,” Tate wrote. “A champion is a champion regardless if she is fighting up a weight, u use her image to promote the posters & then put her on the undercard?! Blows my mind…..This is the 2nd time too you have done this I tell you what I would rather never fight MMA again then fight for u under (Bellator) banner. The amount of disrespect you have given (Gurgel) is disgusting.”

Gurgel, herself, posted a reply back to Tate, writing, “Thx lady! Every1 is backing me & (women’s MMA) on this. Your a force 2 b reckoned w/ 4 sure;) Your words mean a lot! Much appreciated!”

Gurgel (11-1) fights out of nearby Cincinnati, as the card takes place from Dayton. She won the Bellator 115-pound title back in 2010, but has yet to defend it.