Former interim UFC heavyweight champion Shane Carwin is pretty blunt when it comes to his feelings towards Roy Nelson.

“I just hate the guy,” said Carwin, during a recent appearance on Radio. “I’ll fight him in the street, I don’t care. It’s hard to like a backstabber.”

Carwin (12-2) and Nelson (17-7) are the current coaches on The Ultimate Fighter. The heavyweights will square off at the TUF 16 Finale in December.

It’s not too surprising that Carwin and Nelson have a genuine disinterest in the other. Outside of being UFC heavyweights – and wanting to become the champion – they share little in common.

“I just wasn’t up for it,” said Carwin, of his time on TUF with Nelson. “I didn’t want to talk to the guy. I don’t like him.”

Carwin said he grew tired of the approach “Big Country” took to the show, saying, “This is very serious. This is a professional part to me.” Nelson was questioned when he allowed the next fight on a recent episode to be picked by the fighters drawing straws.