Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes is considered to be one of the greatest fighters in all of MMA history.

Hughes, who appears to be retired for now, was asked his take on the best 170-pound athlete to ever grace the Octagon during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour.

“You would have to say either me or Georges (St-Pierre). I guess to differentiate, it would be opinion,” Hughes said. When pressed to give a point-blank answer, he added, “Well, Georges beat me twice.”

Hughes (45-9) was critical of one area of St-Pierre’s game – his lack of finishes. During his career, Hughes scored 15 knockout victories and 20 more via submission.

My one criticism with Georges is I wish the guy would finish more people because I know he has the ability to. He’s the best guy I’ve ever fought. I just wish he would go out there and do that to everybody else the way he made me feel. I’m not being mean, I’m, just being very honest. The guy has so much talent, just go out there and use it all. I think he’s just very careful. He doesn’t want to lose, which of course nobody does, but then the more effort you put into finishing a fight the more you open yourself up. Matt Serra is a great example, he was going out there striking with him and he got caught with a punch. I think he’s just a very careful person.