Frankie Edgar doesn’t currently wear a UFC championship like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop St-Pierre from calling Edgar the top fighter in the world during a recent interview with the LA Times.

No. 1 is Frankie Edgar; he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter we have.

St-Pierre, who will return to action himself in November vs. Carlos Condit at UFC 154, said the recent loss by Edgar to Benson Henderson doesn’t hurt his stock because “he lost his fight only according to the judges.”

Edgar decided to move down from lightweight to featherweight after the setback, and was positioned to challenge for the UFC 145-pound title against Jose Aldo before an injury knocked Aldo out.

St-Pierre said he isn’t in the talk for pound-for-pound best because “I haven’t fought in a long time.”