Travis Browne isn’t happy about that “L” on his fight record.

Browne, who suffered a hamstring injury in his loss to Antonio Silva this past October, is hoping for a chance to avenge his first professional defeat vs. “Bigfoot” down the road.

“I think I deserve it,” said Browne, during an interview with MMA Fight Corner. “It was just a freak accident. I fell on that kick 10,000 times and just on this one time it happened to pop on me. The way I look at it is, he’s the one man in the world that can stand there and say he beat me, that he beat me up, that he whupped my (expletive). I want that fight back. I want another shot.”

It was just minutes into the bout that “Hapa” felt his hamstring pop, rendering him a one-legged fighter vs. Silva. A heavy right hand by Silva ended the fight, and Browne’s unbeaten run.

Browne said he is two weeks head of schedule right now in returning to training, targeting “mid-December and then hopefully start up fight camp by February.”

Photo credit: Showtime