After a year-long injury, Georges St. Pierre is ready to unify the belts with Carlos Condit in the main event.

In the co-main event, Martin Kampmann and former training partner Johny Hendricks vie for the No. 1 welterweight contender spot.

Tom Lawlor has his sights set on Francis Carmont.

Mark Bocek prepares for battle with Rafael Dos Anjos.

Pablo Garza looks to get past former title contender Mark Hominick.


Pablo Garza vs. Mark Hominick:

Round 1

The fight began with Hominick trying to land some standing strikes by stepping inside, and he landed a few well placed punches. Graza returned fire with a glancing knee followed by a jab and head kick. Hominick landed a nice body hook and ate a jab for his troubles. Garza followed with many kicks and knee strikes, but then Hominick took Garza down and survived a dangerous arm bar attempt by Garza. The two stood and Mark brought the attack to Garza, but Hominick landed a fantastic left body hook that dropped Garza, but Garza was able to regain his feet and cut Hominick’s eye open. Hominick was very bloody at the end of the round. MMAConvert score 10-9 Hominick

Round 2

Garza opened with a crazy spinning back kick, but it didn’t land. After a few wild strikes back and forth, the two spin to the ground and Garza got on top in full guard. Hominick was successful in holding Garza in his guard, but Garza did manage to stay busy. Hominick was pushed towards the cage where Garza attempted to pass guard, but he was ultimately successful. Garza did manage to cut Mark open with an elbow though. Mark almost slid out the back door, but Garza stuck to him like glue and controlled the position. Garza began to land elbows on Mark which quickly led to swelling. With a grueling pace, the round ended with Garza comfortably dominating the round. MMAConvert score 10-9 Garza

Round 3

Mark came out aggressively, and threw a few body shots that landed. About a minute in, the pace slowed a bit, as Hominick found his range. Garza then took Mark down and got stuck in full guard while throwing elbows. Mark wisely and effectively tied Garza up and did a good job of slowing his foe’s attack. Hominick lost his grip, and Garza gained posture and reignited his offense. A bloody Mark Hominick managed to escape and stand, but he was taken right back down. Garza managed to gain half guard, and resumed the grueling ground game. Garza stood and landed two punishing blows as the round ended. MMAConvert score 10-9 Garza

P. Garza def. M. Hominick via Decision (unanimous) 29–27, 30–26, 29–28


Mark Bocek vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 1

As it started, Dos Anjos clinched Mark up and threw a pair of fruitless knees. After about 45 seconds of dancing, they clinched again and Mark pushed Dos Anjos into the cage, but they split. Dos Anjos scored a solid body knee as they broke the clinch. Dos Anjos landed an uppercut and stepped back. Mark pounced on Dos Anjos’ negative momentum and pushed him back into the cage, but they quickly relocate to the center of The Octagon. Mark went for his third take down attempt and came away with nothing again. While being forced into the cage, Dos Anjos grabbed an arm, but he got nothing from it. An even round ended. MMAConvert score 10-9 Dos Anjos

Round 2

The round opened with an inadvertent kick to Dos Anjos’ groin, and a time out is called thus allowing Dos Anjos to recover. No points are deducted. Dos Anjos got a take down and shot for a kimura, but they were against the cage, and the attempt failed. Mark spun; Dos Anjos sprawled, and they stood up again. As Dos Anjos pushed Mark into the cage, Mark got hit with a big cut under his left eye, and it started to swell immediately. Dos Anjos threw Mark down and poured on the hail of rights. Mark, visibly tired, waited out the rest of the round. MMAConvert score 10-9 Dos Anjos

Round 3

Mark came out knowing he was down on the cards, and he looked tired and lost. Dos Anjos went in for a take down, but Mark used a great sprawling move and avoided. Dos Anjos came back and got yet another take down on an exhausted Mark Bocek. Mark got up and went for a standing kimura, but a sweaty Dos Anjos pulled out of it. As they stood, the damage to Mark’s face became clear, and he had to have lost a significant amount of vision on his left side.  They clinch for a while, but they are separated. Dos Anjos goes hard with a flurry of hit and miss strikes as the fight comes to an end. MMAConvert score 10-9 Dos Anjos

R. Dos Anjos def. M. Bocek via Decision (unanimous) 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Tom Lawlor vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1

Tom came out fast and shoved Francis into the cage, but Francis fought back and landed a knee to Lawlor’s body. Tom held his position and kept Frances tightly against the cage and worked some dirty boxing. The two got away from the cage wall where Lawlor landed a decent over-hand right, but Francis got a hold of a kimura, but his form was off, and Lawlor got away. A painfully long “feeling out” stage slowed the pace, and the action resumed as Lawlor pulled a guillotine choke, but the round ended. MMAConvert score 10-9 Lawlor

Round 2

Francis opened the round using his substantial reach advantage to land a solid leg kick on Lawlor; he followed with a great knee to Tom’s body. Tom moved forward and held Carmont in the cage were Carmont pushed of the barely missed a dangerous right hook.  Carmont began to use his reach to his advantage even more as his front body kicks held Tom at bay. Carmont missed another huge right hand, and Tom stepped in a got his first take down. Carmont Stood with 1:25 to go and was held against the cage were Lawlor grabbed another quick take down, but Carmont used his guard well and rolled out. Tom then sunk in another guillotine choke, as time expired. MMAConvert score 10-9 Lawlor

Round 3

The third and final round opened with Lawlor pushing Carmont right back into the cage. At 3:22 they are separated for lack of action. Both men now appeared to be tired and slow punches were exchanged, but nothing significant landed for either man. Lawlor used the cage again and held Carmont in the cage wall, but they appeared to have stalled out again. Carmont spun out of Lawlor’s grip and they resume action in the center of the cage. Carmont shot another kick into Tom’s ribcage, but Tom appeared unphased. They again went into the cage wall as the crowd became restless and threw many boos out into the cage. MMAConvert score 10-9 Lawlor

F. Carmont def. T. Lawlor via Decision (split) 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

Martin Kampmann vs. Johny Hendricks

Round 1

Johny ran out an immediately threw a huge shot, but Kampmann stepped back and dodged it, but Johny stepped forward and smacked Martin with a crushing left hand blow that left Kampmann out cold, and Johny followed by dropping another killer punch; Kampmann laid stiffened and asleep.

J. Hendricks def. M. Kampmann via KO at 0:46 of round 1

Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit

Round 1

As the crowd went crazy, Georges stayed firmly in the center of the cage and landed the first strike in the form of a leg kick. Georges looked significantly larger than he had in the past. Georges unsurprisingly took Condit down around the 3:15 mark and aggressively attacked Condit and passed to half guard, but Condit managed to re-secure full guard. Georges then bounced back out to half and Condit backed him into full. Condit shot for an arm bar, but he didn’t get it. St. Pierre’s pace was remarkably fast even by his typical high speed standards. Georges stayed in full guard and cut Carlos open big time. MMAConvert score 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 2

Georges landed the first significant strike with a jab. Georges landed a big right hook, and Carlos began to look frustrated. Georges hit another stiff left jab followed by a great right, and Condit’s nose began to bleed. Georges then pounded down another take down and began to open Condit’s cuts even further, and the blood began to really flow covering both men’s bodies. Condit tried to attack from the bottom, but Georges consistently dodged the up-coming attacks. A very bloody Condit walked back to his corner down two rounds. MMAConvert score 10-9 St. Pierre.

Round 3

Condit landed a huge head kick that sent Georges to the mat, and Carlos jumped on top and beat Georges up badly. It opened a nasty cut on Georges face, but like a true Champion Georges recovered and took Condit down and slowed the pace allowing himself to recover from Condit’s barrage of successful strikes. Carlos worked hard from the bottom mixing up submission attempts and upward strikes. Georges moved to half guard and continued to work at Condit’s body and head. The round ended with Georges on top, but Condit took the round. MMAConvert score 10-9 Condit

Round 4

As we entered the championship rounds, Condit went back to his high kick, but he didn’t gather the previous success. Georges grabbed another take down and moved to half guard, but Condit mounted an effective offense from the bottom. Georges threw a few devastating elbows which did damage, but Condit stayed composed and weathered the storm. Condit got back to his feet, and took Georges down. Condit gave up the position and Georges regained his top spot. Carlos Condit’s face was a bloody mess at the end of round 4. MMAConvert score 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 5

Condit’s corner told him a finish is is only option for victory. Condit opened with a few shots, but Georges shook them off. Condit landed a partial spinning back kick, and Georges got a single leg take down, but Condit was able to stand back up. Georges landed a right and so did Carlos. Carlos followed with a strait left. Carlos began to attack Georges injured knee with low kicks, and Carlos’ gas tank appeared to be drained, and St. Pierre was still crisp, as he scored one more take down. From the top, Georges attacked Carlos’ cut right eye with punches in bunches, and Condit gave up his back but escaped and got back to guard. With 30 seconds to go, Georges threw a flurry of strikes from the top and ended with an elbow to secure the victory. MMAConvert score 10-9 St. Pierre

G. St. Pierre def. C. Condit via Decision (unanimous) 49-46, 50-45, 50-45