BJ Penn knew he would be the smaller fighter when he agreed to face Georges St-Pierre back in 2009.

While the end result was a loss on Penn’s resume, “The Prodigy” was quick to point out during a conference call recently that he would never turn down a super-fight with a UFC champion.

“Everybody on this call knows what BJ Penn would do,” said Penn himself, in regards to if he felt as if GSP would accept a fight with Anderson Silva.

St-Pierre and Silva would likely take place at a catch-weight, with no titles on the line. Penn, who has had issues with UFC president Dana White in the past, gave plenty of credit to the boss in regards to trying to give the fans what they want.

“I think super-fights are great. I think it causes a lot of hype and Dana (White) knows that,” Penn said. “It’s what this sport needs. It’s what this sport was built on. I’ve got to give that to Dana White, he does that every time. He doesn’t let no Mayweather/Pacquiao situations ever happen; he’s the man.”

Penn was referencing a potential boxing showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao that has been talked about for as long as Silva-GSP – if not longer.

For now, Penn is set to face Rory MacDonald on December 8 at UFC on Fox 5. He said during the conference call that is as far as he’s thought in regards to his future.