Michael Bisping wants nothing more than to be the UFC 185-pound champion.

Bisping, who is set to face Vitor Belfort in January at UFC on FX 7, recently gave himself an unofficial championship while visiting MMA Uncensored Live.

You see, it appears that “The Count” had a recent sparring session with Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. And, as only Bisping can, he offered up his take on Rockhold.

I’ve sparred with Luke Rockhold recently and let’s just say I’m the unofficial Strikeforce champion. Sorry Luke, but these are the facts.

Bisping has a way of letting his words speak louder than his actions. He is coming off a victory over Brian Stann, and has been pushing for the UFC to create an interim middleweight title if Anderson Silva is going to be locked up in a bout with Georges St-Pierre.

With the likely closing of Strikeforce, it’s possible that Rockhold and Bisping square off in the not-too-distant future.