Jamie Varner came down with an illness inside the locker room Saturday night, cancelling his planned bout with Melvin Guillard at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

Guillard found out while warming up for his fight, and at first, thought it was a bad joke being played on him.

“I was told in my locker room. I was sitting down and getting my rules meeting from my ref. Then someone in his corner accused me of greasing. I was a little riled up. Then they told me Varner was throwing up and the fight was cancelled, but I thought it was a joke,” said Guillard, on Fuel TV after the card. “I’m still warming up but then the commissioner came in I knew it was over. When Joe Silva came in I knew.”

The fight has been re-scheduled for UFC 155 at the end of the month, and Guillard said he thinks the UFC should have a back-up fighter planned just in case it happens again.

“I just hope he doesn’t back out again,” Guillard said. “I thought what he did was cowardly. I lost all respect for him. I have a level of respect for him as a person, but not as a fighter.”