UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos could re-watch his victory over Cain Velasquez and never get tired of it.

Despite the fight lasting just over a minute, dos Santos said he was able to use it as a resource for his upcoming rematch with Velasquez at UFC 155.

“I learned some things in that first fight,” said dos Santos, during a conference call earlier this week. “That fight for me was really good. I enjoyed a good moment. I learned somethings that I am going to use.”

Both fighters eventually let it be known that they suffered knee injuries prior to squaring off, but dos Santos said he is “not upset about” people questioning if he beat a healthy Velasquez because he wasn’t 100-percent either.

“I am going to use the same game plan as the first game plan because everybody knows I try to keep the fight standing,” dos Santos said. “That’s what I like to do. I think Cain Velasquez is going to come in different, hungrier than the first fight, and try to improve his game. He will try to take me down and use his ground-and-pound, but my strategy is to win.”