UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has shown no signs of fatigue inside the Octagon.

Aldo, considered by many to be one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world, will put his title on the line February 2 against former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 156.

Edgar, who will be making his debut at featherweight, is also known for his never-dying-motor once the bell rings.

“Frankie puts a lot of pressure on the opponent,” said Aldo, during a recent interview with MMAjunkie.com. “He moves about a lot. He fought at a higher category where it isn’t so explosive. In featherweight, there’s a lot of movement, a lot of explosion. Now he’s going to fight people with the same kind of training and explosion that he has.”

Aldo (21-1) and Edgar (14-3-1) were originally scheduled to meet last year in Brazil, but an injury to “Scarface” following a minor auto accident cancelled the contest. Aldo said he was disappointed to lose out on the opportunity to compete again in his native country, but knows sharing the spotlight with the NFL’s Super Bowl will draw more fans to see him compete.

“The Super Bowl is a very important championship,” Aldo said. “The whole world is tuned in. For me to be able to fight on that weekend is absolutely amazing.”

Photo credit: Felipe Dana/AP Photo