Scott Coker isn’t really sure what the future holds for himself.

Coker, who founded Strikeforce and helped turn it into a strong second promotion in the U.S. behind the UFC, will see the company fade away Saturday night.

During a recent stop on The MMA Hour, Coker reflected on Strikeforce and pointed to Frank Shamrock, Cung Le, Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson as the building blocks.

The first four pillars: Frank, Cung, Gil and Josh – they were the building blocks of our organization. I’ll be grateful forever for those guys for putting their hearts out and fighting their asses off because without those four guys, I don’t think we’d have been able to build this company into what it was.

While Coker said he has a contract with Zuffa, he’s unsure if he will work with the UFC in the future. However, MMA will always be something he follows.

I’m a martial artists fanatics and will continue to support martial arts and contribute to martial arts. It’s something I believe in and it’s not going to stop.