UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was obviously annoyed by Chael Sonnen in late 2012 when the brash fighter took several shots at him.

Now, after going through filming on The Ultimate Fighter with Sonnen as a coach, Jones has a slightly changed view of the former UFC middleweight contender.

“My opinion of Chael has been altered a little. I have realized that he is really good at putting up an act and that when he isn’t acting, he is a pretty solid individual,” said Jones, during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight. “I am glad I got to spend this time with Chael because my thoughts of him were pretty brutal, so he’s redeemed himself a little.”

Jones and Sonnen will square off in April, and the two will likely have several more verbal exchanges before the settle it inside the Octagon.

As for his selection of fighters, Jones said, “a lot of guys were really excited to be on my team. I actually talked to a few people from Chael’s team and they wanted to be on my team. It was nice to have the respect of all these guys.”

The season of TUF starts January 22 on FX with the elimination-round matches.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting