Mike Goldberg, the veteran voice of the UFC, will return to his play-by-play duties this coming Saturday night at UFC on Fox 6. Goldberg missed the year-end show, and rumors started flying about his whereabouts.

Goldberg appeared on The MMA Hour Monday to set the record straight.

“I ended up coming home from Brazil with a virus, an upper respiratory infection. I ended up being hospitalized a couple times for it just because they were making sure they could get my lungs open.”

Goldberg added that his asthma, which has effected him since high school, played a part.

I’m not the first guy tom come back from Brazil not feeling 100-percent. It just kind of spiraled. My immune system was never really able to get back in balance, my voice started to go, and I wasn’t able to get the pre-production done. I wasn’t able to get it together for UFC 155.

Goldberg was very out-spoken against the many websites that reported he had a drug addiction and was in rehab, saying, “it was disappointing, it was hurtful.” He did say the support shown to him was “very heartfelt and appreciated.”