Nick Diaz is as quiet as they come in MMA.

However, during a recent press conference to help promote his upcoming match with Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158, a different side of Diaz shined through for the media and fans in attendance.

At first, it appeared we would only get the typical one-word, short-sentence answers that Diaz normally answers back with. But, when the subject of his reason suspension came up, the former Strikeforce welterweight champion seemed to relax a little.

And, when a reporter asked Diaz for his thoughts on competing in Canada, where he will enter the Octagon as the bad guy, Diaz had a very un-Diaz-like answer.

“I don’t think they test for steroids up here,” Diaz said, which was a positive in his mind to fighting in Canada.

As quickly as he could, UFC president Dana White responded with, “They test for everything up here.” To which Diaz answered, “That’s good to know.”

Diaz was given his suspension by the Nevada Athletic Commission for failing a post-fight drug test, as marijuana metabolites were found in his system.

Later during the press conference, Diaz was asked what he likes about GSP, to which he said, “I do like him. That’s why I want to fight him. He’s No. 1, so that’s who you’ve got to beat (to become No. 1).”

It will be interesting to see if his lighter side to Nick Diaz continues as we approach the biggest fight of his career.

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