Featherweight Erik Koch faces Ricardo Lamas.

The long awaited fight between Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone finally will go down.

Quinton Jackson looks to leave The UFC on a high note, as he goes to battle with fellow light heavyweight Glover Tiexiera.

Demetrious Johnson sets up to defend his flyweight belt against John Dodson.


Erick Koch VS. Ricardo Lamas:

Round 1:

The younger Koch was the first to land a good strike with a right hand to Mr. Lamas’ face. The two men proceeded to trade alternating shots, but nobody really landed any big ones. Koch was bale to drag Lamas down, but he bounced back to his feet right away. Upon standing, Koch had his back put into the cage wall where Lamas worked a little dirty boxing just as he said he would. Lamas let go and landed a spinning elbow, as the two men separated. With a minute to go, they moved to the center of The Octagon. Koch got himself a nice little combo, and Lamas moved them back to the cage where he scored a momentary take down. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Lamas

Round 2:

Round two picked up with Lamas coming out as the aggressor.  This time it was Koch who put Lamas’ back into the cage, but Lamas moved away quickly and took Koch to the ground. While on top, Lamas stayed in full guard and dropped some bombs in the form of elbows. Lamas moved to half guard where he was able to land several huge shots cutting Koch open badly. Each shot that landed sent a mist of blood spraying on the canvas. Lamas stuck to his guns and continued to fire away and finished Koch early.

R. Lamas def. E. Koch via TKO at 2:32 of round 2.

Anthony Pettis VS. Donald Cerrone:

Round 1:

Pettis came out and landed and immediate shot to Cerrone’s chin. Pettis continued to come up on the upper end of the exchanges hurting Cerrone every time they engaged. Pettis then landed a nasty right leg kick to Donald’s liver. Donald fell, and Pettis didn’t take long to land two shots to Cerrone’s head. Cerrone didn’t move to defend, and the fight was called.

A. Pettis def. D. Cerrone via TKO at 2:35 of round 1.

Quinton Jackson VS. Glover Tiexiera:

Round 1:

As they came out, both men looked nervous, and both showed quick hands and good body movement. Glover quickly took Jackson down and moved for an arm triangle. Glover had a fantastic back mount with both legs hooked in. Rampage looked to be in trouble, but he escaped. While striking, Glover landed a solid head kick, but Rampage was able to shake it off. Jackson landed a good left jab then a right hook. Glover returned fire with a right hook of his own, and Rampage missed a take down which led Glover to use Rampage’s momentum to put him into the cage. The two move to strike where Glover wobbled Jackson, and then Gloved dropped Rampage. Glover kept his composure and didn’t pounce, but time ran out. Rampage survived the round. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Tiexiera

Round 2:

The second showed Glover shooting for and getting a single leg take down. Glover landed in half guard, as they went to the mat. Glover then went to side control, but Rampage trapped Glover’s foot, and Rampage stood. Rampage landed two big upper cuts which moved Glover back.  After taking a second, Glover moved back in and threw a few punches. The action resumed after a slight lull with Glover landing a big right upper cut. Rampage had a small cut open up under his eye, and the damage being done to him began to zap his cardio. It became obvious that Glover was the superior striker as he really started to pull away on the cards.  MMAConvert Score 10-9 Tiexiera

Round 3:

It started with a glove touch, and Rampage landing a kick to the body a few seconds into the round. Rampage looked to regain some composure in between rounds. At just under 4 minutes, Glover added another take down to his score card, and the crowd booed immediately. Rampage got up and swung for the fences, but he missed on all accounts. Glover had a good combo which ended with a head kick. Glover again got a take down, and time became an issue for Rampage, as he was clearly down on the cards. After they stood, Rampage was able to land a few blows, but they seemed to glace off. Glover pulled a double leg and got mount with under 30 seconds to go.  MMAConvert Score 10-9 Tiexiera

G. Tiexiera def. Q. Jackson via Decision (Unanimous) (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Demetrious Johnson VS. John Dodson:

Round 1:

The main event started with very quick attacks from Dodson; he landed a leg kick right out of the gates, and Johnson returned with the same. Both guys threw a lot of quick attacks, and both men were very elusive. Dodson landed the first good punch, as he clipped Johnson. The guys kept the pace up , but neither man was really able to land any big shots. Johnson got the first real points with a take down at about the 1 minute mark, but Dodson got up pretty quickly. Both guys continued to throw lightning quick punches, but neither of them could land anything significant. The round could be summed up as having a lot of movement with very little damage. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Johnson

Round 2:

Dodson landed a great left cross to start off the second round. Johnson was able to pull another take down, but again Dodson bounced right back to his feet. A few seconds of striking went past, and Dodson knocked Johnson down, but Johnson looked to recover well. As soon as Johnson appeared to have fully regained himself, Dodson did it again and dropped Johnson for the second time in the round. Johnson still looked to be okay, and he actually began to attack Dodson again.  Dodson stuffed a take down. As time wound down, Johnson looked to regain a few of the points he’s lost with a clinch attack. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Dodson

Round 3:

Johnson struck first with a low kick.  Despite Johnson’s loss of the second round, he still controlled The Octagon. Johnson then accidentally tagged Dodson with a nut shot, and a time out was taken. Dodson partially landed a flying knee which got the crowd back into the fight, and blood became to come from Johnson’s mouth. Dodson then landed a big time body kick. Johnson grabbed a take down, but Dodson moved to the cage to try to “wall-walk” himself back up. Johnson saw what he was doing and put a stop to Dodson’s plan. After a few moments, the fight stood back up, and Johnson clinched up with Dodson and landed a few shots to end the round. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Johnson

Round 4:

The championship rounds began with Mighty Mouse adding another take down to his resume. Johnson then landed an illegal but apparently accidental knee to Dodson’s head. Dodson had a hand on the mat, so the shot to his head was illegal, but I really don’t think Johnson noticed his opponent’s hand being on the ground. The two resumed the action, and Johnson moved forward with a slightly more aggressive attack. After a slower portion of the fight, Johnson once again held Dodson against the cage and landed a few knees to the top of Dodson’s head which opened up a good cut. As they broke the clinch, Dodson landed a good elbow to finish off the round. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Johnson

Round 5:

The final round saw Dodson looking nervous, and for the first time in the fight, Dodson seemed hesitant to attack. Johnson took Dodson right back the the cage and dragged him to the mat where he began to break his opponent’s spirit. Dodson began to look frustrated.  Dodson spun and broke out of Johnson’s clinch. They moved to the center of the cage with about 3 minutes left, and Dodson was starting to get desperate. With only 2 minutes, Dodson moved to the fence and tried to drag Johnson down, but his efforts were fruitless. Johnson landed a good knee that staggered Dodson, and blood really began to flow out of Dodson’s head. Johnson began to work Dodson’s body, and Dodson was barely able to hang on. Johnson began to tee off on Dodson with Thai knees, and the fight ended with Johnson in control. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Johnson

D. Johnson def. J. Dodson via Decision (Unanimous) (49,46, 49-46, 48-47).