Mark Hominick knows what it feels like to go five rounds with UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Hominick, who made it to the final bell with Aldo during their 2011 match, recently talked about the champion in an interview with

Aldo will put his title on the line this Saturday night at UFC 156 vs. Frankie Edgar.

“A lot of people have already lost before they step in the ring with (Aldo) because the first step they take is backwards,” Hominick said. “It reminds me of the old Mike Tyson; everybody was already afraid before the bell rang.”

Edgar, who has been inside the Octagon with the likes of BJ Penn, Gray Maynard and Benson Henderson, should be able to stay offensive vs. Aldo, says Hominick.

“Edgar has won against the odds many times, and he’s definitely the right type of fighter,” Hominick said, “with not just the skill-set, but also the mentality to face Aldo.”

Hominick announced his retirement from MMA last year.

Photo credit: Tracy Lee/Yahoo! Sports