UFC president Dana White recently granted UFC Tonight a special interview where he sounded off on a number of subjects that are in the news today.

One of them concerned Eddie Alvarez and the ongoing legal battle between the UFC and Bellator.

To sum it all up, the UFC offered Alvarez a contract following the expiration of his deal with Bellator. With the support of Spike TV, Bellator agreed to match each number presented to Alvarez by the UFC.

However, it appears that Alvarez and his legal team do not believe that Bellator can fulfill their obligations and is challenging the decision in court.

Here’s what White had to say in regards to the entire ordeal:

The right to match deal works out for the fighters. That’s where a fighter finds out what he’s truly worth. The lawyer for Bellator? He’s either the biggest moron in the history of the world, or a liar. For this guy to go out there and say that Spike and Fox are exactly the same is the most ridiculous statement ever made in the history of the world.

What kind of numbers does Spike TV pull every week? Our prelims on FX pull better numbers than their live main events do. On FX! Let’s not even talk about Fox. Fox shouldn’t be in the discussion. Eddie Alvarez is getting screwed big time.

The judge? He’s not educated on television, television networks or pay-per-view. The thing is, that drives me crazy. It’s not Spike TV, it’s Viacom. The pompous, arrogant clown that runs Viacom, his name is Philippe Dauman. This guy has claimed that he built the UFC. Comparing Spike TV to Fox is a joke and it’s horrible what’s happening to Eddie Alvarez.

As we all remember, the UFC had a falling out with Viacom and Spike TV after they agreed to sign a contract with Fox. White spoke out at that time against the network, as well.