Typically, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva grants a handful of fighters that did not make the finals of The Ultimate Fighter a second chance to compete on a big show.

UFC president Dana White, though, stated recently that he told the group of 14 that made it into the house that they would receive another match.

“This season is so (expletive) good, and I was so happy with all the guys,” White said, “I told them, ‘Every one of you guys are going to fight. You’re going to get one more chance in the UFC.'”

A strong majority of the fighters will likely be part of the TUF season finale, which is scheduled for April. A champion will be crowned that evening, and you can expect many of the in-house fighters to also be in action – much to the dismay of Silva.

“Joe wants to (expletive) kill me,” White said. “‘It’s impossible! It mathematically doesn’t work’ I told him, ‘Mathematically, make it work!'”

White stated that they will “add one more fight on each card” if they have to in order to get all 12 non-finalists inside the Octagon.