The CNN program “Raising America with Kyra Phillips” recently profiled the sport of MMA.

The program, however, focused on youths who are currently taking part in the event, as Phillips stated that 3.2 million kids are competing in the sport.

Bernadette Thome and her son, Aidan, were interviewed by Phillips, who gasped in shock when Aidan told her his favorite move.

“The guillotine,” the youngster said, going on to describe to the host what the hold was.

Bernadette said he had no problems with Aidan acting out in school after competing in MMA, adding, “a lot of people from the outside world don’t understand the complete, the whole martial arts. It’s about respect, discipline. There are all qualities Aidan can take with him the rest of his life.”

You can view the complete interview in the video below: