Anthony Pettis isn’t planning a career move with his latest decision to accept a fight vs. Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title.

No, Pettis is just tired of waiting for his shot at becoming a champion.

The two will meet this August in a bout that seemed to materialize overnight. However, as he recently explained to UFC Tonight, Pettis has been pondering a drop to 145 pounds for a while now.

I can make the weight easily. The reason why I haven’t done it before was Erik Koch, who is a teammate of mine who was right up there for a title shot. I didn’t want to cross paths with him. After being at the fight, I thought it was the right idea to call out Aldo. He’s at the top of the division. He’s probably one of the best guys in the 145-150-pound range. For me, it’s just wanting to fight the best.

Pettis, who returned to action in January and stopped Donald Cerrone, believes he will have little trouble cutting the 10 extra pounds from lightweight to featherweight.

“It’s been a while. Getting down to 155 was hard for me before, but now I have a clean diet and it’s becoming a lot easier,” the former WEC lightweight champion said. “Before my last fight, I was in the hot tub for two minutes and I made weight.”

As for taking on Aldo instead of waiting for a potential second match with Benson Henderson, Pettis stated that he feels “Scarface” is above the current UFC lightweight champion – a man he defeated in the WEC.

To me, Aldo is a tougher fight – that’s why I asked for it. He’s one of those guys who has gone through his opponents like crazy. Aldo is definitely a tougher challenge for me. I’ve beaten Benson Henderson once and I think I’m going to be doing it again soon, but right now, Aldo is the guy on my radar.