Kevin James is an avid fan of the UFC. So, it is of no surprise that the Hollywood actor played the main character in the movie “Here Comes the Boom.”

The film, which grossed over $69 million, features James as Scott Voss, a high school teacher who takes up MMA to save the music program.

Mark DellaGrotte, a world-famous trainer of such fighters as Kenny Florian, Frank Mir and Patrick Cote, helped prepare James for the role. He talked about what he put the actor through in a recent interview with

I normally put a fighter through 10-to-12 weeks of training camp. Kevin went through more than two years of preparation for this movie. I’m talking about training, dieting, sweating, hitting pads, rolling with Bas Rutten, doing jiu-jitsu – we were pulling out kitchen sinks and throwing them at this guy. He trained just as hard as any fighter I’ve ever trained for the Octagon.

While the film may not have reached the kind of typical Hollywood-expected numbers, the trainer believes it cast MMA in a better light than some other films released in the past few years.

Other movies have given the wrong message. What Zuffa has done, and what Dana White has done, is legitimize the sport and bring it to families, to households. So you now have soccer moms doing mixed martial arts.

This was the first film involving MMA to feature the UFC and the Octagon, as James and White are close friends.