Former UFC champion BJ Penn appears poised to make another return to the Octagon following successful surgery to fix a cataract in his eye.

Penn, who confirmed he was seeing better on his Facebook page earlier this week after the operation, hinted that lightweight could be his destination – if he decides to fight again.

“I gotta spar and check my depth perception,” Penn wrote. “(Lightweights) will eat me up with their speed if I don’t judge the distance right. Not weight class is easier.”

Penn added that the “surgery wasn’t fun but it was painless,” and that the “glare is gone and my depth perception is improving.”

The 34-year-old former UFC welterweight and lightweight champion lost to Rory MacDonald last year. He has not had his hand raised inside the Octagon since a 2010 knockout victory over Matt Hughes.

Penn later updated his post, stating, “Never said I’m going to 155, no plans, if I fight again its cause I enjoy it, no other reason.”

Photo credit: MMA Fighting