According to MMA Payout, Eddie Alvarez and Bellator MMA are nearing a conclusion to their ongoing legal battle.

It would appear that the two sides are close to negotiating a settlement, and that Alvarez could be headed back to the promotion he has called home for the past several years.

Bellator’a attorney, Patrick English, asked the court to give them an extension to work on a settlement “without further litigation.”

The two sides have been going back and forth since the UFC offered Alvarez a contract that Bellator claimed to have matched.

The first extension Bellator asked for ended today, but both sides have agreed to a March 1 second extension. The court must approve it, though, for it to be made official.

Among the most interesting parts to this whole equation was that Bellator made it public that they were planning to hold a pay-per-view in the first half of 2013 with Alvarez facing current lightweight champion Michael Chandler.