Josh Samman made an impact in his first bout on The Ultimate Fighter earlier this week, stopping Tor Troeng in a preliminary fight.

The win not only gave Team Jones control of the fight selection, Samman believes it “rocked” Team Sonnen’s morale a little.

Samman talked about the fight during a recent appearance on The Darce Side Radio show.

Tor was just a really talented guy. Since being on the show, I have been able to look back at his record, and this guy has fought some super tough guys. He’d never been knocked out in his career and had some great wins.

Word coming from the other team was that Tor was the team captain. In terms of guys training on the team, Tor I guess was the leader, as he got the better of a lot of guys in practice. The team was really surprised when I got that win.

Samman became the second Team Jones fighter to advance, and despite the role he played on the season, he felt like there was never a time he wasn’t going to speak his mind.

“Bubba (McDaniel) and I took control of the team. If I have something on my mind, no way am I not going to communicate it. Anything I felt, I said.”

The Ultimate Fighter continues Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on FX.