Jose Garcia has worked closely with former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz in the past. Now, as the fighter prepares to meet Georges St-Pierre next Saturday at UFC 158, Garcia feels the fighter is fully prepared for action.

Garcia, a highly-trained coach who specializes in recovery and repair with the body, talked with recently. He isn’t working as closely with Diaz for the GSP fight, but that’s only because the Stockton badboy is more mature with his body now.

Now, we just have to tune it up,” Garcia said. “It is easier for the athlete to get better recovery when they are consistent with it. It is easier to retain, harder to repair.

Garcia previously worked in the camp of Diaz prior to the first scheduled St-Pierre match, before he defeated BJ Penn, and in training for the Carlos Condit fight last year – the last time Diaz competed.

He basically just said to me, ‘I need you in camp, and not as a part-time coach,'” Garcia said. “I worked with him when he was in Strikeforce, and continued as he did triathlons and prepared for his first UFC title fight with GSP. He told me what happened with that fight (Diaz was removed for missing scheduled press conferences), and he had me back in his camp for the fight with BJ Penn. He put me on the roster again to work with him for the Condit fight, and we made sure he was fully healthy and had everything prepared for that bout because it was a championship fight.

Still, Garcia said at the time of the interview that Diaz is “healthy right now, very healthy and good to go. His mindset is sharp, he is focused on the task at hand.”