UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson has one ultimate career goal: defend his title longer than Anderson Silva.

The main problem, though, is that Silva has yet to retire, leaving Henderson in the dark as far as how many successful title defenses he needs to make.

If he is able to claim that title, that’s it. He’s finished, as “Bendo” recently told MMAjunkie.com Radio.

I’m going to fight three more times this year, three times the year after, three times the year after and that will put me right at Anderson’s record. Once I pass his record, I’m retiring, I’m done. After that, I’ll go on to my second career and be a librarian or something.

Henderson’s desire to fight three times a year shouldn’t be too difficult, as the UFC’s lightweight division is filled with contenders. He will meet Gilbert Melendez next month at UFC on FOX 7.