Patrick Cote worked himself to the No. 1 contender spot in the UFC’s middleweight division. Now, he is hoping to do the same – but as a welterweight.

Cote will face Bobby Voelker this Saturday at UFC 158. It will mark his debut at 170 pounds after returning to the UFC and going 1-1 at middleweight.

“It was a lot easier than I thought (the weight cut),” said Cote, on Radio. “I didn’t starve and I ate pretty well. We did it all during training camp and it was 10 times easier than I thought.”

Cote cited that he still getting around 2,700 calories per day, but added that cutting out gluten made it easier.

Some have said a move down in weight class can zap the power a fighter has, but “The Predator” doesn’t believe that.

“Getting power in your hands, it’s not about the weight – it’s about technique,” Cote said. “I’m a technical boxer, and I feel as if I have the same power. But I’m 10 times faster and I can push the pace a lot more. I’m in really good shape right now. … I feel 10 times faster and light on my feet. My footwork is better, too. I’ve never been in bad condition, but it’s over the top right now. I’ll go there to finish the fight.”

Cote has proven himself to be a viable contender, but he will need to have some rapid success to become a challenger in the deep welterweight ranks. He is 18-8 in his career and 6-8 inside the Octagon.

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