Georges St-Pierre got himself into mixed martial arts after dealing with bullying as a child growing up.

In the past, the UFC welterweight champion has offered credit to those who bullied him in the past, saying they helped shape the man he has become today.

GSP has since created a foundation to help other kids deal with bullying.

Now, on the cusp of facing Nick Diaz tonight at UFC 158, “Rush” is being called out by his challenger for those past remarks.

During the pre-fight press conference on Thursday for the card, Diaz began asking questions and calling out St-Pierre.

“Sure, yeah, they like to make me look like the bad guy. Georges like to say I remind him of bullies that picked on him,” Diaz said, before turning to GSP and asking, “How many times have you had a gun to your head Georges? How many of your best friends have been shot through the chest with a .45? How many have been stomped on and put to sleep? We all have to deal with these things in life. We have to deal with these things. It’s hard time for everybody.”

Diaz and GSP have taken over recent press events, having several heated one-on-one arguments concerning anything and everything from the Canadian being pampered to the latest – Diaz complaining about his picture on the UFC poster.

“I’ve had plenty of ugly posters. Could you not do better than that. I’m not worried about it. I hate to play the victim card, but I like to think it’s not always my fault I come off the way I do,” Diaz said. “Can I get a buttered up, photoshop picture like in a magazine?”

The usually in-check St-Pierre has been forced out of his shell with Diaz, and that could be exactly what the Stockton bad boy wants. Of course, maybe he has provoked an animal inside GSP that nobody has seen yet.

Photo credit: Twitter