Pat Miletich, who was the first fighter to wear the UFC welterweight title, offered up his thoughts on the UFC 158 main event between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz for that title.

Miletich saw plenty of Diaz during his announcing days for Strikeforce, as the fighter was the welterweight champion in the promotion.

As an avid follower of MMA, he’s also witnessed plenty from GSP, who has held the title for several years now.

Miletich had this to say concerning the fight in an interview with Bloody Elbow:

GSP has usually always fought smart. “I just see it as GSP being too athletic, too explosive and too well rounded. He’s too big, physically, and most likely, he’s going to be taking him down and making Diaz carry his weight. I don’t see Georges as being dumb enough to just stand in there with him for any length of time.

Miletich (29-7-2) last fought in 2008, defeating Thomas Denny. His most recent UFC fight was a 2002 loss to Matt Lindland.