Well guys it’s finally here. UFC 158’s main card will kick off shortly, and we’ll finally see the feud between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz come to a head. Georges looks to defend his long-held welterweight title against brash Nick Diaz in the main event.

Preceding that fight will be Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks. The winner here will likely face the winner of the St.Pierre/Diaz fight.

Nate Marquardt will return to The Octagon opposite Jake Ellenberger.

Middleweights Nick Ring and Chris Camozzi look to inch closer to a title shot.

Mike Ricci and Colin Fletcher will vie for an opportunity to move up the lightweight ladder.


Mike Ricci vs. Colin Fletcher:

Round 1.

We start live from Montreal. After a glove touch, Colin Fletcher lands first with a right hook. The two step back and trade a lick a piece; Mike Ricci uses kicks early and gains some separation as Fletcher starts to close the gap. Ricci lands the first big shot in the form of a right sending Fletcher into the cage, but he recovers. Fletcher lights him up with a counter right, but Ricci holds his own. Two minutes lull by and no significant action transpires. Fletcher hits Ricci with an accidental nut shot; the action resumes. With ten ticks left on the clock, Fletcher rushes Ricci, and that should win him the round. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Fletcher

Round 2.

Heeding the advice of their corner men, both men attack with urgency at the opening of round two. Ricci takes it to the ground and begins his ground war with punches to his downed opponent. Ricci takes Fletcher’s back briefly, but he slides off allowing Fletcher to stand, but the damage was already done; Fletcher has begun to bleed from his right eye. Ricci maintains his hold on the fight’s pace, as the action continues with stand-up striking. Ricci displays fantastic discipline, as he eats away at Fletcher with leg kicks and jabs. With under a minute to go, the Canadians are getting restless, and boos begin to circulate. Fletcher goes out with a spinning back fist that grazes Ricci’s head. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Ricci

Round 3.

Round 3 gets underway with Ricci moving forward and stuffing a take down. Fletcher takes hold of Ricci’s body and walks him into the cage. Ricci quickly reverses Fletcher into the cage. Fletcher’s eye has begun to swell shut now, and Ricci appears to be wearing his foe down quickly in round 3. The two break, and Ricci picks up his slow paced attack with soft leg kicks and quick jabs. Another spinning back fist from Fletcher lands, but it does little to no damage. With just under a minute and a half to go, Ricci takes Fletcher down and drops some shots. Ricci takes Fletcher’s back and looks to sink in a choke, but time is against him now, as 20 seconds remain on the clock. Ricci fires off an arm bar, but Fletcher rolls out of it, and the horn sounds. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Ricci

M. Ricci def. C. Fletcher via  Decision (Unanimous) (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Nick Ring vs. Chris Camozzi:

Round 1.

The action begins with a good kick from Nick Ring. Ring fires another for good measure. Chris Camozzi seems tentative to strike, as he keeps moving backwards. Both guys throw a few jabs with zero heat behind them, and the fight dips into a lull. A front kick to the body from Ring gets it restarted. Camozzi lands his first attack, as he lands a few alternating punches that he walk Ring backward into the cage. The exchange opens a small cut under Ring’s right eye. The round ends with boos. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Ring

Round 2.

Rings keeps his hands low and tries to use his speed advantage, but Camozzi covers well. Camozzi eats one on the jaw, but he’s okay. Ring circles away and lands a counter shot. Make it two. Camozzi finally lands a big shot and tries to follow with a flying knee that misses. After a failed take down, they resume striking, and Ring begins in inch ahead, as his speed advantage becomes more apparent. Camozzi hits him with a good knee, probably the most significant strike of the fight from either fighter. Ring picks it up, and bloodies Camozzi’s nose. Round two is complete. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Ring

Round 3.

It’s close, but now it’s Ring’s fight to lose. Camozzi knows it, as he moves forward and attacks out of the gate. Camozzi lands a three punch combo. The two trade a few shots, and Camozzi comes up with the better of the exchange. Camozzi now has him against the cage, and he lands some knees to the body. Camozzi throws and misses some wild punches, but this is what he must do to win. He’s got to finish. Camozzi lands a good power left; Ring absorbs. Rings goes for possibly the laziest take down in MMA history. There’s under a minute now, and Ring is tired. Camozzi keeps his pace up, but he’s got to land more shots for a finish. Camozzi lays it on the line with a flying knee as the round ends, but Rings survives. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Camozzi

C.Camozzi def. M. Ring via Decision (Split) (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt:

Round 1.

Nate Marquardt is back in The Octagon. We start with the old feeling out phase, and attacks are limited to leg kicks. Nate opens up and lands a good shot, but Jake Ellenberger gives him one back. Nate’s got a small cut under his right eye. Boom! Jake lands a nasty left right combo that sends Nate to the ground, and the fight is over after the follow up shots on Nate’s head.  Nate tries to argue the stoppage, but he was clearly out; I mean his face was laying on the mat.

J. Ellenberger def. N. Marquardt via KO at 3:00 of round 1

Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks:

Round 1.

It’s co-main event time boy and girls. Carlos Condit lands first with a leg kick, and Johny Hendricks fires a power shot early, and Hendricks lights up Condit. Condit keeps himself composed and survives Hendricks’ swarm. Hendricks is as fierce as ever, and he is bringing this fight to Condit. Hendricks gets a take down. Condit attempts an arm bar, but it doesn’t go anywhere, and to the crowd’s delight, they stand. Hendricks ties him up and drags him down again. They’re on their feet again. Condit lands a big knee, and Hendricks turns on the heat; that stuns Condit. They drop to the ground, and Condit is on top. Hendricks gets right up and swarms again. They trade big shots, and time’s up. We have a fight! MMAConvert Score 10-9 Hendricks

Round 2.

Wow! They start strong with knees and punches coming from both of them. Hendricks lands the better of the exchanges though. Hendricks gets it to the ground where they take a quick breather, and we’re back up on our feet. Condit with another flying knee. Hendricks swarms again; this pace is unreal. Give Hendricks another take down, but they bounce back up. Condit lands knees to the body, and bam Hendricks slams him to the mat. Hendricks lands in half guard. They get up. Man, Hendricks is laying it on thick, and he scores another take down. Condit stands, and he presses forward, but the horn ends the round. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Hendricks

Round 3.

These are the fights we wish would never end. Hendricks may have hurt/broken his hand in round two, but he’s still throwing it hard and fast. Hendricks with yet another take down, and he’s on top in half guard. Hammer fist, elbow, hammer fist, elbow, hammer fist, elbow from Hendricks. Condit gets up and lands a good combo. They tie up against the cage, and Hendricks takes him down. Hendricks has had a lot of take downs, but he’s had little success scoring big damage on the ground. They’re up again, and we’ve got 1:15 to go. Hendricks with one more take down, and now Hendricks is bleeding. 30 seconds. Condit turns it on, but Hendrick ties him up, and slams him down again. They swing for the fences in the last 10 seconds, and it’s over. They’re both bloody and beat up. That’s got to be fight-of-the-night. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Hendricks

J. Hendricks def. C. Condit via Decision (Unanimous) (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz:

Round 1.

Let’s see if Diaz can back up his verbal assaults; it’s time. GSP starts with a kick, and he follows it up with an immediate take down. A big elbow lands from GSP. Georges takes Nick’s back. Georges’ size advantage is way more overwhelming than it looked at the weigh-ins; he has to weigh about 10 pounds more than Diaz. Nick gets Georges back into full guard. GSP moves to Nick’s back where he slams punches into Nick’s side. Diaz has managed to stand up, but Georges is having none of that, so they go back to the ground. Georges slams Diaz again, and round 1 is all GSP. MMAConvert Score 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 2.

Diaz comes out southpaw for the second round. GSP with a jab and another take down. It’s obvious pretty early on Nick does not have the ability to halt GSP’s take downs, so he’s got to attack from the bottom. GSP sprawls and takes his back, and he’s pounding on Nick. Diaz hasn’t had an ounce of offense yet. GSP hit him with a big right elbow; he gives him another. Georges’ strength advantage is ridiculous; he’s man-handling Diaz. Nick gets to his feet, so let’s see what he can do. A high kick misses from Diaz. They’re standing now. Diaz stands and taunts, but he doesn’t throw anything, and the round ends. MMAConvert Score 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 3.

Nick is trash talking GSP, and Georges lands a solid jab, but that doesn’t shut up Diaz. Diaz stuffs his first take down of the night, but GSP follows up with a successful one. Georges holds on to Nick’s hips, as he tries to gas him out. They’re standing again. GSP gets him with a good right hook. Diaz hits GSP’s body hard. Two legs kicks from Diaz. Left hook GSP. Georges gets stuffed on a take down, and he lands a great straight right. Nick Diaz hits GSP with a good right, and he follows with a left. GSP adds a take down to his stats. GSP is bleeding moderately from his face (looks like his nose), and Nick threw a punch after the bell, but it missed. That was Diaz’ best round, but GSP was still in control. MMAConvert SCore 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 4.

Two left jabs start off round 4 for GSP. Georges’ jab is really beginning to become effective, as he is out-striking Diaz. GSP gets a super-man punch. Diaz’ take down defense is actually getting sharper as the fight goes on. Diaz with a combo, and the crowd begins with the “GSP” chants. Georges is sticking his jab flawlessly, and he gets a take down. Diaz is oddly unenthusiastic about this fight. Diaz gets to his feet, but GSP is behind him. He attempts a suplex and gets it. Diaz almost reversed, but Georges was able to hold him down. Diaz is down 4 rounds. MMAConvert Score 10-9 St. Pierre

Round 5.

This is it. Diaz has got to pull a rabbit out his hat to win this one. Diaz fires first with a kick. Stiff left jab from GSP. GSP throws some body knees, and Diaz eats them. It seems like Diaz is quitting; he’s not doing anything to win, and he’s down 4 rounds. They’re on the ground and Georges is beating Diaz up. They’re on their feet. A left jab stings Diaz. They clinch, and it looks like they’re both tired. With a minute to go, Georges looks to have lapsed on his promise to finish Diaz, as he’s ground and pounding his foe. It’s over, and they hug it out. Diaz raises Georges hand, and he admits defeat. MMAConvert Score 10-9 St. Pierre

G. St.Pierre def. N. Diaz via Decision (Unanimous) (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

During Diaz’ post fight interview, he says he’s done with MMA. We shall see, but it seems like he’s going to quit… again.